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SMM NYC provides Social Media Services that deliver results, period. We add value to every project we work on, every person we connect with, every Influencer we collaborate with. This keeps us in constant demand, ahead of the curve, a prominent seat at the table.

Why should this matter to you?

It should matter because our social media experts are high performance people, delivering higher than average results to everyone we serve, meaning you. From our Social Media Marketing services to our Concierge Services, we make sure that you receive much more than you pay for, we translates to a better experience for YOUR customers. Sounds like fluff? That’s because you’ve never had the privledge to working with high performance people like us!

What We Will Do For You?

NYC Social Media Agency Services

The depth of Social Media, and the social media services that can assist with growing your business is hard to grasp by many. Every business owner, entrepreneur or social warrior is unique, and in need of a unique social media strategy. At SMM NYC we do not have a cookie cutter approach to ‘sell’ you on. If you would like to get to know us, share your vision with us, and learn how we can help YOU then please contact us. Below are some of the services we provide as a local social media agency in NYC.

SMM NYC Social Media Services Include:

As a full-service NYC Social Media Agency, our social media marketing services offer everything your business needs to succeed by leveraging social media. Whether we create you original posts, or work with your team to co-create content, we will create content that engages, impacts, and converts viewers to followers, turning them into customers.

Our social media services includes custom graphic design, social video production, and photography services. At SMM NYC we also can help you setup, launch, and optimize social Advertising Campaigns. Everything we do will be to grow your company using social media, and we will always be guided by your unique social media marketing strategy we layout at the onset of our partnership.

Social Media Marketing Services NYC

Social Media ServicesReady to see what our Social Media Marketing Experts in NYC services can do for your business?

Send us an email now or call us at (212) 457-6218 to speak with a Social Media Marketing Expert!

Social Media Strategy

Our digital marketing & social media experts help create you a strategy for success.

Social Content Strategy

Our content creators develop you a content strategy to reach, engage, & impact.

Social Partner Strategy

Our growth experts create a pathway for partnership development.

Social Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy delivers full local brand recognition!

Social Media Management

SMM NYC will full manage all of your social media activities.

Social Event Management

We’ll handle the planning & full onsite social event management.

Social Influencer Management

We work hard to get NYC Influencers paid!

Social Content Management

We manage all of your social media content needs.

Content Creation

We create social media content you’ll be proud to publish!

Photography & Video

We provide a full range of social media visual services.

Contests & Promotions

From giveaways to social promotional contests we generate buzz.

Celebrities & Models

From guest appearances, to product endorsements our contacts run deep.

Social Media Advertising

We provide full service Social Paid Advertising Services.

Influencer Marketing

Let our network of NYC Influencers market your product or service.

Sponsorship & Endorsements

We can help get your next event or cause funded.

Social Amplification

We take good to great through our amplification service!

#1 NYC SMM Company

Local social media services begin with an understanding of the local social landscape. To think that you can apply the same social strategies, and social media marketing tactics from one area of the World (or Country) and expect the same results would be a grave mistake.

People, places, things. They matter. The culture of each borough of NYC differs as much as Countries differ! The differences of our boroughs is exactly what makes us the best City in the World…but understand these differences you must if you want to win the game of social media!

But we know it’s all about results. And when we first speak with those looking for a local SMM NYC Company they almost always ask ‘What results can I expect using your social media marketing services?’

The fact is every business is unique, and the goals of each business are unique. Before we can measure the potential success social media marketing can provide for you, we need to determine how what your goals are. Once we fully understand your short, and long-term goals we can then transparently outline how you’ll be able to measure the results of services will provide to you.

But it all begins with our first conversation, which is 100% dependent upon you!

When you work with SMM NYC you will quickly learn that we have a finger on the pulse of New York City, borough by borough, neighborhood by neighborhood. We know those who live in each borough, and we have members of our team that live in each borough of NYC.

This should matter to you when evaluating a local Social Media Agency in NYC. And we want to provide why SMM NYC would be the perfect team to partner with for all your social media needs in NYC.

Let us help you:

Boost Customer Engagement.
Accelerate Innovation.
Drive Sales.
Reduce Service Costs.
Grow Brand Advocacy.
Improve Satisfaction.
Create Impact!

Call our NYC Social Media Experts to get help with your:

•Social Strategy
•Social Account Customization
•Content Development, Optimization & Distribution
•Social Paid Search Management
•Social Media Account Management